A villain is usually the bad person in the story who makes life difficult for people. This gives our hero a chance to avenge the villain and give him what he deserves. It is basically a fight between good and evil. Over the years, movies have proved that to mould a spectacular hero, it is absolutely mandatory to have an equally terrifying villain. Malayalam movies have had some gruesome villains and here are five badass ones from that list.

Mammootty as Bhaskara Pattelar – Vidheyan

Bhaskara Pattelar (Mammootty) is a ruthless, aggressive landlord who has ownership over land and he forces that on the people as well. His tyranny has no limits – from sexually assaulting the women who he considers his slaves to killing his own wife – Pattelar is an evil man. This character would possibly be among the very few negative roles Mammootty has played after establishing himself as a star and the attempt was extraordinary, to begin with. Do not miss this performance by the megastar.

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Mohan Raj as Keerikadan Jose – Kireedam

The actor might not have made an impact in the Malayalam film industry, but this character Keerikadan Jose sure did. Keerikadan, a hardcore criminal who extorts money from poor traders locks horns with Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal), a police aspirant. How Sethu’s life turns upside down is the plot, but the role Keerikadan plays in his life is crucial. His strong physique and terrifying looks are etched in the hearts of Malayalees and the character will always send chills down the spine. Watch to know what we are suggesting.

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Thilakan as Paul Pailokkaran – Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal

Paul Pailokkaran looks like a normal husband and father, but his uncouth behaviour and misogyny makes him the most terrifying of them all. He is that nightmare of a stepfather every girl keeps herself away from. His approach to his stepdaughter is indecent and disgusting. Thilakan, as an actor, nails this character with all the ruthlessness and his acting makes us hate the character even more. The film otherwise is a sweet love story and deserves a watch sans its tragedy.

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Tiger Prabhakar as Hyder Marakkar – Dhruvam

Narasimha Mannadiar (Mammootty) would not establish himself as a skilful hero if Hyder Marakkar (Tiger Prabhakar) did not exist as an even powerful antagonist. While the film raised Mammootty to further fame and marked his place as an action hero, Marakkar’s role is significant in making him one. His dreadful deeds and cold-blooded attitude made the film a very interesting one, and Mannadiar a memorable character. Dhruvam, on the whole, is an excellent film and should not be missed.

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Philomina as Anappara Achamma – Godfather

While men use their physical strength and power to win over, for Anappara Achamma (Philomina), her brain is the weapon. She tactically plays in order to defeat her all-time rival Anjooran (N N Pillai) and sons. She believes that there is nothing a woman cannot achieve with her charm and grit, but her plans fall apart when Malu (Kanaka) her granddaughter actually falls for Anjooran’s son Ramabhadran (Mukesh). Achamma still does not give up and tries turning Anjooran against his son. She is an epitome of courage, will power and cunningness. This character, in fact, is the best in Philomina’s entire career and she will always be remembered as Anappara Achamma. The film is tinted with comedy, so it is fun and a great watch altogether.

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