Gabbar is back and how! In his latest offering, Akshay Kumar plays Gabbar, a man who is a part of the Anti-Corruption Force, ready to take on corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. The film also stars Shruti Hassan, Sonu Sood and the quintessential baddie Prakash Raj in lead roles. The film focuses on the issue of corruption. Unlike Gabbar Singh from Sholay, Gabbar here bats for the people. Here a list of baddies Gabbar should beat into submission on-screen:

Prem Chopra

Gabbar will surely look to beat up the guy who gave us one of the most famous dialogues in Bollywood, “Prem naam hain mera, Prem Chopra”.  With his scary looks and undeniable screen presence, Chopra looks like a formidable foe to Gabaar.



Dr Dang

Gabbar would face his equal in Dr Dang, a smart and calculative man who plans his every move. “Iss Thappad Ki Goonj Suni Tumhe?"



Mogambo’s henchmen vs Gabbar ? Seems like a fair fight ! Also, the famous Mogambo khush hua line to Gabbar!

Often the second in command, Ranjeet would always get the eerie dialogues in movies. Will Gabbar win against one of Bollywood’s favorite villains ?


Kitne aadmi the ? We have two over here, the bad one and the good one. Akshay will obviously defeat Amjad, with a few broken bones that is.

Gabbar is Back releases on the 1st of May. Book your tickets here.
-Shlomoh Samuel

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