Even at the age of 63, Jackie Chan is still doing and choreographing his stunts. Last year, he amazed us with The Foreigner, and now he is back with another action-packed film, Bleeding Steel. As we look back his long and nothing short of a crazy career, it's hard to believe the long list of stunts he has done that could hardly be done by a regular person. He's broken bones, his own and others', and managed to do insane stunts. These are the Jackie Chan stunts that prove he is a real-life superhero. 

Clock Tower fall – Project A 

No safety harnesses and an almost direct fall from the top of a clock tower through two stories and directly to the ground. There was no cushioning used to prevent his neck-breaking fall but he still walked off this scene like it was just another day on the job. 

Mall fight – Police Story 

The mall fight sequence in the first film of Jackie Chan's famous series is full of clever martial arts. There's plenty of fighting, crashing, smashing, and then he finally slides down a metal pole with real electric lights breaking around him. 

Sliding down a skyscraper – Who Am I? 

With no safety harnesses, this is stunt nothing short of amazing. Jackie Chan practically runs down the side of a hundreds-of stories-tall skyscraper and manages to land without any fatal injuries. 

Hot Air Balloon jump – Armor of God 

Jackie Chan has a permanent hole in his head from when one of the routine stunts in Armor of God went wrong. After a quick brain surgery for that, he was back in action jumping on top of a hot air balloon for the same film. 

Snowboarding onto a helicopter – Police Story 4 

For Police Story 4: The First Strike, Jackie Chan brought snowboarding to a whole another level of extreme sports. He snowboards down a slope and to a helicopter with no problem at all. 

Have these Jackie Chan stunts convinced you of his amazing superpowers yet? Watch more of his martial arts skills in his new movie, Bleeding Steel.