5 Scenes in the Baaghi 2 Trailer That Make You Look Forward to the Movie

The rebel is coming back to the silver screen end of this month and fans are super excited about the movie. Tiger Shroff has always impressed us with his dancing and martial arts, but this time is different because he is an all-new rugged avatar that is just too hot to handle. The trailer of Baaghi 2 recently released and it has everything we expected from the trailer. The 2 minutes 45 seconds long trailer is full of kicks, jumps, punches, shootouts, and heavy dialogues…and so much more.

Here we have listed the five things that have made the wait for the movie all the more difficult.

1. The jail scene

Okay, let's breathe first. Now, there's a scene in the trailer where Tiger aka Ronny is being tortured by a bunch of cops and he is supposedly not wearing any clothes. We'll give you some time for that to sink in. This scene also has, which we think is the signature dialogue of this movie "Jo tera torture hai wo mera warmup hai". You'll need to watch the trailer at least twice to completely understand the hotness of this scene.


2. The love story

The trailer starts with "Main aur neha college mein mile the, hum shadi karne waale the" but then they never get married and her girl gets kidnapped. Nobody knows what happened but everyone wants to know why didn't they end up together. Also, who doesn't want to see this alleged real-life couple romance on-screen? We bet the chemistry is going to be killer.


3. The dance number

Tiger Shroff's movies are known for two things mainly, action and dance. While the trailer is full of action it shows a just a flash of a dance number. Tiger is an amazing dancer and we cannot wait to see his moves on the big screen.


4. Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda on the same screen

The movie stars a number of acclaimed actors. While we see just a glimpse of Darshan Kumaar, Deepak Dobriyal and Prateek Babbar, Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda seem to have strong roles in the movie. Both of them have also shared screen space and it is always interesting to see such talented actors together.


5. The bone-breaking kick

The Baaghi sequel is bigger and better, and it has become obvious with the action and production. But the one scene that makes sure there will be four times the fun this time is the bone-breaking kick in the end. While Baaghi had just one kick, this one has four bones breaking at once. What can it possibly mean?


So, are you ready for the rebellion? Because we are! Let us know why you are waiting for Baaghi 2 in the comments below and keep visiting this space for more on the movie and our review.

Shikha Singh: