Heath Ledger played the character of Joker to the utmost perfection. Right from the get-up to his level of pure perfect psychosis, he was mind-blowing. His "Why so serious?" is still a favourite among people, world over. In the wake of all the remakes that Bollywood keeps making, we couldn’t help but wonder who would get to play this twisted and intriguing character from the Indian film fraternity, if ever someone decided to make a Batman movie. So we compiled a list of 5 actors who we think, could probably do justice to this immortal character.

Irfan Khan

Acting skills, check. Dialogue delivery, check. Level of crazy, super check!! 🙂

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

After a series of initially ignored performances, Nawazuddin won the audience over with his strong acting skills in Gangs of Wasseypur 2. 

Naseeruddin Shah

An actor who has a special place in everyone’s mind with his demeanor and acting. We think it’ll be interesting to see him play the Joker.

Pankaj Kapoor

He is a method actor who would do total justice to the character. If you have seen him in the antagonistic role of Abbaji in Maqbool, we are sure you’d agree! 


Boman Irani

With the broad spectrum of the kind of roles Boman Irani has done, he’ll make for a compelling joker.