Hollywood celebrities always seem to be getting into trouble, and our Bollywood heroes are not far behind when it comes to being in dire straits. These guys might be idolized by their fans, but they are only human at the end of the day. There is a sinner inside each of us, but one must pay the price of being a celebrity. Every aspect of their lives is scrutinized down to the last detail. And that’s when we realize, it can stink to be in their shoes.
They might have portrayed bad guys on the big screen, but they are definitely more bad-a$& off-screen. Let’s have a look:
Crime: Illegal possession of firearms
Accused of being involved in the 1993 Bombay blasts, Sanjay Baba has had a rough time for the last 20 years. Dealing with the loss of his parents, getting married and starting a family, being imprisoned several times and simultaneously focusing on his acting career can only be pulled off by a pillar like Munnabhai!

Crime: Hit and run, illegal hunting
The Khan of controversies is known to have a heart of gold! But he’s been in and out of some deep junk. (That’s what she said.) Jokes apart. No matter what Bhai does, he will always have fanatics who will worship him!
Crime: Statutory rape, and fresh from the oven – physically assaulting a bouncer at a nightclub.

Stay away from this dude – more than a mile’s radius I’d say. He’s got so much ‘keeda’ in him, he’s passed it on to his kids. His son was all over the news when Jiah Khan committed suicide, and his daughter was caught in a drug scandal. The Pancholi family is not to be messed with.
4. Shiney Ahuja
Crime: Rape, followed by perjury.
The star of Gangster and Woh Lamhe had women swooning over his charm. And then, almost overnight, the world was like ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!’ But he’s a good guy, ok? Shiney has been involved with several NGOs and supports orphanages and old age homes. So no judgement. Shine(y) on you crazy diamond!

Crime: IPL spot-fixing
And finally, we have winner of Bigg Boss Season 3! This guy is so chiller, he admitted his wrongdoings and didn’t seem to give two hoots about what the world thought. Paaji, tussi definitely not a pussycat!
Also, is it just me or does he always look like a poster-child for Narcotics Anonymous?
So who’s your favorite [email protected]$& celeb? Do let us know.

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