Bollywood movies are known for their ultimate action sequences; where a hero takes on several goons and villains single-handedly. We all know this is impossible in real life but people really like the idea of a one-man army. Who would want to see the same normal boring everyday stuff in a movie as well?

While all of us Bollywood lovers are overwhelmed with the kind of action our films have there are the ones, in India itself, that have reached another level when it comes to action. It won't be wrong if the South Indian film industry considers Bollywood to be the nursery kid of the same school they teach at. Their featured action is beyond the imagination of many, is physics-defying and their actors seem to possess power no one does. 

However, there are many promising superstars of Bollywood who, considering their previous movies, can offer their South Indian-counterparts some stiff competition. Check out the top five Bollywood stars we think will be the best fit in the South cinema:

Salman Khan
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Looking at the amount of Sallu Bhai's movies that are inspired from South, especially our most favorite movie – Wanted, we think Bhai must really try doing a South Indian movie. He will be able to explore many more areas of his peculiar personality. And oh boy, the fight scenes! 

Sunny Deol
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Sunny Paaji can do everything from heating an iron rod with his bare hands to holding an entire wall from falling in spite of being wounded. And can we forget his great hand-pump attack? He has actually done more action than many of the South stars. He must do some South Indian movies as it will give him extra swag to add to his incredibly powerful "dhaai-kilo ka haath".

Ajay Devgn
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Over the top action is a given in a movie that stars Ajay Devgn. Do we need any other reason? He has done a split standing on two motorcycles. Get a train now. 

Shah Rukh Khan
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Shah Rukh Khan has recently ventured into the action genre and evidently is in his experimentative phase. It will be great to see him do a South Indian movie. We loved him so much when he did the Lungi Dance. We would love to see him trying action in a lungi now.

Sanjay Dutt
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Sanju Baba is the Khalnayak of the industry. He has the power and the swag. He is a trendsetter in his own ways. He stunned us as Kaancha Cheena and we loved him as Munna Bhai. With this kind of versatility, he will make Bollywood proud with his action flicks in South India.

We all know that there can never be another Rajinikanth, but we can always try, right?

Do you think there are other Bollywood actors who can try South Indian movies? Let us know in the comments below.