Bombay Velvet is my Besharam 2!’ retorted the young Kapoor scion when questioned about his last venture.

Seriously, could there be a better way to shush the media than this? Such a sport. Way to go Ranbir! However, not all celebs prefer to deal with their box-office failures with such optimism. We wonder why? After all shit happens. Hits and flops are all a part of an actor’s life. Plus, we fans totally understand. But guess what,! the Kapoor scion isn’t the only one who has reasoned with criticisms. Here are 5 more celebrities who brilliantly dealt with the flops in their careers:

Saif Ali Khan:
Remember Humshakals? Nothing can be more embarrassing than that film.​ ​And this is how the Nawab put aside his royal-ness and called it a mistake –
Priyanka Chopra:
Piggy Chops could be termed as the queen of sarcasm. Here’s her smart remark when asked about the Zanjeer debacle​ –
Karan Johar:
We totally feel for this director-turned-actor. Unlike many others who’d rather indulge in a blame game, Karan Johar decided to take it on himself. Here’s what he said –
Sonam Kapoor:
With a motor-mouth personality, Sonam has an answer for everything! Even for her bad films. This is how she prefers​ ​to deal with them – 
Hrithik Roshan:
He is the Greek God of Bollywood. But his ​film Kites, was a royal disaster. The star took no time in taking the blame for the film. Here’s what he said –
We are totally loving this no-ego wave in Bollywood. How about you?