If you think about it, watching movies with guys isn’t all that fun. Especially when it comes to chick-flicks. He wants guns, explosions, car chases, zombies, girls in bikinis, more guns while us girl, we want emotions, romance, some humor and a hot guy (or maybe 5). While 27 Dresses does sound awesome and 28 Days Later not so much, we have found the perfect solution to this ever going battle of the sexes:

Behold! Here is a list of 5 chick flicks that guys would enjoy watching.

When Harry Met Sally

Probably the only chick-flick that men will publicly admit to like! Its crude yet real portrayal of sex, love and relationships from both sides of the great divide is one reason why guys really like this movie.

The Ugly Truth

From the dos and don’ts of dating to yes and no’s of mating, Gerard Butler knows it all! His uncensored version of the truth and nothing but the truth is probably why this chick flick is on every guy`s watch list.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Guys love this movie for one simple reason: Kate Hudson`s madcap responses to Matthew McConaughey`s whip-smart antics. While you go through their roller coaster ride of succeeding at their respective `assignments`, you will surely be reminded of a few exes of your own.

No Strings Attached

If Natalie Portman’s mere presence was not enough, the movie is every mans guide to emancipate himself from the confines of the dreaded friend zone. Not a bad deal, guys. Not a bad deal at all.

There`s Something About Mary

This is one chick flick that proves that being funny is NOT just exclusive to all the guy films. The layers of hilarious and unique humor will leave you in stitches throughout the movie. The `We got a bleeder` jokes and the cringe worthy hair gel scene is every guy`s gross out movie dream come true.

By Ekta Shetty

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