5 Classic VCD’s You Should Own

The age of the internet seemed implausible a decade ago. People bought VCDs and music CD’s (which was the last one you bought ?) and used to watch them with their family. Browsing through CDs, reading the synopsis behind, and taking care not to scratch it was all part of the process. All this is passé now, with the coming of the digital age and penetration of the internet. Music stores are shutting down now, with items such as a Walkman being a collector’s item.  Here are 5 collector’s VCDs which will make you rush to your nearby video store.

Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner

We all loved Sydney Poitier in To Sir, With Love but this film is a joy ride with a memorable performance from Spencer Tracy.

Born Free

Watch this for the struggle of a lion and the music by John Barry, who gave us the memorable soundtrack “Born Free”. Lead actress Virginia Mckenna and her husband Bill Travers went on to become wildlife activists.

Roman Holiday

This romantic comedy is an evergreen classic. Watch it for the relationship between Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress. She wasn’t able to produce tears for a scene, when William Wyler walked in and spoke harshly to her. Hepburn immediately broke down.

The Desert Rats

The Siege of Tobruk in the Second World War lasted for 241 days in Libya. The film encapsulates the siege and stars Richard Burton,  English Captain "Tammy" MacRoberts and James Mason as General Rommel.

True Grit

The original of  the 2010 film stars John Wayne as a tough Texas Ranger. Add Robert Duvall to the star-cast too.

Shlomoh Samuel

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