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Look closely at the picture above and see if you can recognize the star staring back at you. If your answer is Daniel Radcliffe, you couldn't be more wrong. It's actually Elijah Wood who has also been a part of a popular franchise – The Lord of the Rings trilogy but that is not the only movie series to his credit. Elijah started as a child actor when he first made an appearance in Back to the Future II where he was credited as the video game boy. His career did not stop there and he was seen in a lot of movies as a child actor and then a teen actor. Although the actor and DJ still considers Frodo Baggins as his best role, here are some noteworthy performances by the actor.

Elijah Wood - BookMyShowAn award-winning film about Jewish assimilation into American life, Elijah Wood is seen as the grandson of the protagonist in the movie and he was also nominated for Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actor in a Feature Film.

The Good Son
Elijah Wood - BookMyShowThis psychological thriller also starred Macaulay Culkin. Although the movie wasn't a box-office success, Elijah Wood's performance was greatly appreciated and it won him a Saturn Award for best performer in a movie.

Deep Impact
Elijah Wood - BookMyShowThis science-fiction-disaster movie had Elijah in the lead role. Although the story bore a close resemblance to Armageddon, this movie was deemed scientifically accurate. He also won a YoungStar Award for his role in this movie.

Radio Flyer
Elijah Wood - BookMyShowElijah Wood won his first award for his performance in this movie. He played a younger version of the narrator and he did a commendable job.

Oliver Twist
Elijah Wood - BookMyShowLOTR is not the only book adaptation Elijah has been a part of. He was also a part of Oliver Twist as Jack Dawkins and his role was well appreciated.

We wish Elijah Wood a very happy birthday and hope to see more of this amazing actor.