5 Disney Movies That Are Based On Bizarre Stories

Disney movies never fail to enthrall kids and adults alike. They are always so refreshing and vibrant that even the harshest of the critics love them. But do you ever wonder how do Disney comes up with some wonderful content time and again? For most parts, Disney movies are adaptations of fairy tales and novels from decades and in some cases centuries ago. As it turns out, many of these stories are horrifying, depressing or simply weird. Let us take a look at some of these Disney movies that completely revamped the original content to deliver us something on a lighter note.  

The Jungle Book
We all loved The Jungle Book back in the day and the recent movie did justice to the cartoons. But did you know the original Jungle book, written by Rudyard Kipling, was pretty grim? In the original version, when Mowgli returns to the human society, he’s not greeted with open arms. He’s re-banished to the jungle, and the one family who showed him kindness is tortured. So he asks Hathi the Elephant for help. In the cartoons, Hathi is a kind, forgetful old Elephant General who looks after Mowgli for a bit. In the book, however, he’s a bloodthirsty old elephant gleefully seeking revenge on humans for wounding him in a spike pit. So he, Bagheera, Mowgli and a pack of wolves destroy the entire village. All of it. We will let that one sink in before moving on to Cinderella…
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In the 1950 Disney movie, Cinderella’s stepmother locks her in the attic before Prince Charming arrives so that he never learns about her true identity and her stepsisters are free to try on the glass sandals. Of course, Cinderella escapes her family’s cruelty, and then she and her Prince live happily ever after. Her evil stepsisters just kind of have to deal with it, and Cinderella forgives them. Yay!

In the Grimm Fairy Tale version? Not so much. Instead of just trying to shove their big feet into the glass sandals, the stepsisters actually cut off parts of their feet. One of them cuts off her toes, and the other slices off her heel. Oh, and Cinderella certainly did NOT forgive and forget. At her wedding, she has her little birds fly down from Heaven and peck out her sister's’ eyes. Ouch!Disney Movie - Bookmyshow

Snow White
In the brothers Grimm tale of Snow White, the evil Queen orders a hunter to bring back Snow White’s lungs and liver as proof of the Princess’s demise. The huntsman brings back the entrails of a pig and the Queen, believing them to be the liver and lungs of Snow White, greedily devours the glistening organs. Later, when Snow White get’s married to the Prince, the Queen is put in red hot iron shoes and made to dance until she dies. That’s pretty bleak, if you ask us. Speaking of bleak…Snow White Disney Movie - Bookmyshow

According to Disney, Rapunzel lives in a tower with her super-controlling mom. But all Rapunzel wants is to go out and explore. She meets a handsome, charming fugitive, Flynn Rider, who helps her escape and  the two fall in love. She finds out that she’s actually a princess, they get married, and — you guessed it — live happily ever after. However, in the original story, Rapunzel and her Prince aren’t so lucky. The Prince and Rapunzel’s secret signal to each other is when she dangles her hair out the window of her tower. So when her mother finds out that they’ve been secretly meeting and have fallen in love, she cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and uses it to lure the Prince up the tower. Upon realizing that he’s been tricked, he jumps from the tower and breaks his fall on a bed of thorns with his eyes, and is blinded. The end.Tangled Disney Movie - Bookmyshow

Do you remember Cassim? He is Aladdin’s long lost father in Disney’s third Aladdin movie – Aladdin and the King of Thieves. In the movie, Cassim, who is the leader of the infamous Gang of Forty Thieves, gives up his wicked ways to attend Aladdin and Jasmine’s long-awaited wedding. Some concepts for the movie were inspired by Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, a tale from 1001 Arabian Nights. In the original version, Ali Baba learns the secret words into and out of the Forty Thieves magical secret treasure trove, which he reveals to Cassim. Greedily, Cassim rushes to the trove to collect as much gold as he can carry and in his excitement, though, he forgets the magic words to get out of the cave. The thieves return, find Cassim and kill him. They divide his corpse into quarters and place the dismembered portions outside the opening of their cave as a warning to future robbers. Damn!
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