We’ve all heard the quote – Every dog has its day, but these adorable canines seem to be having the time of their lives! Yup, move on Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, you thought you’re famous? Wait till you meet these dogs. With their own Youtube channels, Facebook and Instagram pages and millions of followers, they can easily give celebs a run for their money. We’ve all seen them rule our hearts on the big screen. And this week too, we have Max, the German shepherd who’s already becoming an internet sensation. Likewise, we bring you 5 dogs, who are totally ruling the internet, like a boss:
Mishka the talking dog –   This Siberian husky attracted millions of followers after its adorable ‘I Wove You’ to his owner. How can you not fall in love with her? #SoCute
Marnie – An internet sensation, Marnie the dog is what you definitely need in your life right now! Here’s a link to her Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/MarnieTheDog  
Go brighten up your day!
Maru Taro: Meet the most popular and happiest dog on Instagram – Maru Taro! There’s not a single picture that will not make you go ‘awww’ in cutesy. No doubt he has over 1 million followers!
Vodafone (Hutch) pug – You could be lying if you said this adorable pug didn’t steal your heart. Here’s the video to refresh your memories:
Max – If a canine world does exist, then Max could totally be ruling at the moment! Check out the Belgian Shepherd as he stole all the limelight on the red carpet.
So, this weekend go fetch this heart-warming story of Max!
If you love thy woof woof, you surely will. 🙂