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5 Easter Eggs You Might Have Noticed in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Marvel movies are known and sometimes criticized for their fan servicing endeavors. Now the comic book superheroes have found a place in all forms of entertainment from movies to TV series and even video games. Gone are the days when these stories could be only found between pages. But while they pander to the imagination of the modern cinematic fans, they haven't forgotten their loyal fans who devoured the comics. That's why, from time to time, you see some easter eggs in Marvel movies – scenes or characters that might not mean much to a layman but will mean a lot to hardcore fans. Kind of like Stan Lee's appearances in the movies.
In spite of being the second reboot in the last 15 years, Spider-man: Homecoming has managed to impress the audience and the critics. But it impressed the fans more because of the number of easter eggs in the movie. Here are five easy ones you must have noticed. Minor spoilers ahead!

A tribute to the kiss
When Peter saves Liz in that Washington Monument elevator sequence, his suit AI Karen thinks that it is an appropriate time for them to kiss. Casual fans can laugh it off as a joke but fans will get an instant throwback to Spider-man (2002). In the movie, Tobey Macquire is in a similar position (hanging upside down) when he kisses Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson). Although the scene is not recreated here, there was potential.
Captain America's Shield and Thor's belt
After the events of Civil War, there is no real clarity on the relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Tony Stark is moving out of the Stark Tower to the upstate facility we saw in Captain America: Civil War. While Happy Hogan is making sure that everything is loaded on the jet, he ticks off some items on the list which includes a new prototype for Captain's Shield and a new belt for Thor. As we already know Mjolnir will suffer some serious damage in Thor: Ragnarok. Megingjörð is the official name of the belt which we know Happy can't pronounce. We don't know how these things tie up in the future but there is a lot of
potential there.
Ned Leeds aka Hobgoblin
Ned Leeds as the guy in the chair was adorable and he has a way with Legos. In the comic verse, Ned Leeds is also the alter ego of one of the Spidey villains names Hobgoblin (there is something strange about Peter Parker's friends and Goblins). Although, we are not sure whether they will be following the same storyline. But the comic book nerds could smell something fishy when they heard the name, Ned Leeds.
The nostalgic tune
As the starting credits rolled, there was a familiar tune that everyone heard. While a lot of people associate the tune with the first set of Spider-man movies. The tune was actually used in the Spider-man animated series. This tune we hear has a different take on the original but so does the movie.
The ATM sequence
The ATM sequence was where Spider-man was at his wittiest where Peter Parker took on people who wore the masks of Avengers. There is a sequence, where he manages to punch the guy wearing Thor's mask in the face. A tradition which has been set since the Avengers when Hulk did the same. The sequence itself is a tribute to a 2004 issue of Spider-Man where he is fighting the Earth's Mightiest Heroes (just not the real ones).
Did you catch all of these Easter eggs? Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments below. You can check out our review of the movie right here and know what the audience has to say right here. Read more about Spider-Man here.