2017 seems to be an exciting year for film lovers. With a plethora of good movies releasing this year, it’s probably going to burn a hole in your wallet. Well, we really can't help you in saving money. What we can do is to get you all excited and up aboard the hype bandwagon.

A few trailers of your favorite movies are out. We are sure you’ve already watched them a countless time but we are also sure that you missed out on a few key details. Details that were intentionally put in by trailer makers to tease their audience. We dissect some of these Easter eggs that will blow your mind. So let’s get to it.

Dr. Manhattan in Justice League
If you have an eagle eye, you must have noticed this. The actor playing Henry Allen, father of Barry Allen (The Flash) is none other than Billy Crudup. DC comic fans would instantly recognize him. For those who don’t know, here’s the breakdown – Billy Crudup played one of the most iconic characters named Dr. Manhattan in the movie Watchmen. Watchmen is another DC comic, which runs in an entirely different universe but we are reasonably certainly that it’s just a coincidence.

Skux Life in Thor
Go to the video below and pause at 0:14. Thor’s hammer toss reveals a patch of wall behind him decorated with graffiti reading “SKUX LIFE”. It’s a nod to director Taika Waititi’s New Zealand roots. The word is a New Zealand slang for things that are cool, swag, sharp since it was heavily used in Waititi’s recent Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

X-Men comics in Logan
Logan finds a vintage X-Men comic Laura’s been reading which basically means they have become legends by this point. Well, the comic is actually fake and not a real one. Due to copyright issues with Marvel, they couldn't use an original comic so they made up a fake one using old school comic artists.

Captain America Fitness Test in Spider-Man : Homecoming
In the trailer, you see Peter Parker watching Captain America fitness challenge in gym class. But isn't Cap a fugitive now after the events that unfolded in Civil War? We think so. Hence it seems that the movie is based on the pre- Civil War era. Also, the fact that they are watching this fitness challenge on an old CRT monitor only supports our claim.

The God Killer in Wonder Woman
Remember the scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when Bruce Wayne confronts Diana in the art museum? Well, they both look at a sword called God Killer, which belongs to Themyscira, the home of the Amazonians. It’s the same sword she wields in Wonder Woman.

Do you think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.