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We Bet You Didn’t Know These 5 The Mummy Facts

The newest installment of The Mummy franchise is right around the corner and if you aren’t already aboard the hype bandwagon then this article will do just that. If you are that kid from the 90s then we are fairly certain that you are indeed a fan of the original franchise starring Brendan Fraser. But in case, you are that unfortunate kid who was born in the early 2000s then this is your shot at redemption. The Mummy is all set to hit the theaters this weekend, 9th June but hold on there; there are few interesting things you should know before you watch the film. 

First collaboration

Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe, two Oscar-nominated actors are collaborating for the first time! Strange.The Mummy - BookMyShow


The Dark Universe

Universal Pictures plan on setting up a cinematic universe called the Dark Universe comprising of gods and monsters. Much like DCEU and MCU, this is the first instalment in that universe.The Mummy - BookMyShow


Dr. Jekyll is in the movie

Do you know about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? If you don’t, here’s a quick history: they first appeared in the fictional work The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll has spent most of his life struggling to repress evil urges. He develops a  serum to mask these urges but it backfires transforming him into remorseless, cruel Hyde. The two characters are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, our protagonist and antagonist all rolled into one. The character of Dr. Jekyll is played by Russell Crowe.The Mummy - BookMyShow


First female Mummy

This is the first film in The Mummy franchise where the mummy is a female. Woah! Talk about women empowerment.The Mummy - BookMyShow


The Zero Gravity stunt

The zero gravity scene took 64 takes and was shot for two days in a falling plane. Reportedly, a lot of the crew got nauseous during the scene and vomited, except for the main stars Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis, who were really proud of the stunt. Tom Cruise is the man!

We now announce you worthy of the movie. You may now book your tickets for the weekend extravaganza or/and read our review of The Mummy.