Do you feel lost when people around you go all pop-culture on you? Do you not understand the difference between Marvel and DC or know whether Han Solo shot first or not? You have come to the right place. No, we are not preaching here because honestly that would take a lot of time but if you just want to blend in for just a while we have some tips and tricks you can use to fake your way through it. 

Pop-culture has broken from the nerd/geek circle and now everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon with Wikipedia as their guide. If you really don't want to dive into this and chip in from the sidelines read on. 

(Disclaimer: This will only work for one casual conversation. For further information you can refer Wikipedia or get some first-hand knowledge.)

Fandoms - BookMyShowYou must be living under a rock, to not catch some lingo or tit-bits about this fandom. Remember, the word 'Always' holds a special meaning for them and that the "books were better than the movies". You can also chip in that "Dumbledore was supposed be calm in that Goblet of Fire scene" and no one will ever doubt you again. When asked which house you like, the safest bet is Gryffindor and on adventurous days it can change to Slytherin.

Fandoms - BookMyShowNever ever mix Marvel and DC, if you want to stay alive near these fans. If you want a broad perspective, Marvel movies are doing excellently while DC is trying to catch up. If asked about your favorite superhero, Batman is your best bet and your path to instant acceptance. Your adventurous side can choose Daredevil but be ready to have an in-depth discussion. Also remember, Christopher Nolan's series is the best yet while Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is the best casting choice, ever.

Fandoms - BookMyShowWith the Christmas special release, you will find these fans coming out of their TARDIS' into the open. Easily for this fandom, phrases like 'Don't Blink', 'Allonsy', 'Geronimo', 'timey-wimey' and 'Exterminate' work wonders. But if you are not happy with just that, you can weep a little about Rose leaving, David leaving, Matt leaving, Clara leaving and the list can go on and on. Also, knowing the exact shade of TARDIS blue doesn't hurt either.

Star Wars
Fandoms - BookMyShowLearn and master the Yoda talk and never go wrong you shall. Darth Vader, the big villain is actually Luke and Leia's father and Han did not shoot first. The story is set in a "galaxy far far away" and may the force be strong with you. And please don't talk about the prequels.

Game of Thrones
Fandoms - BookMyShowThere are two kinds of people here – the ones who have read the books and the ones who have seen the TV series. Steer clear from the one who have read the books because you can't fake your way with them. With the TV series lovers, discuss the Red Wedding and how you will play Rains of Castermere at your wedding just to troll people. A safe way is to also agree with one person's theory and your inner evil person can frown at them.

Aren't you confident enough now to hold a conversation with the "fan-atics"? Tell us how it went in the comments below and don't forget to share.