Bollywood is abundant with lovely ladies. It is completely justified if you’re secretly drooling over your desktop wallpaper and unabashedly day-dreaming. Only if dreams came true. With Valentine’s Day knocking on our doors, are you on the lookout for an apt date? Or would you rather spend your evenings imagining the Bollywood divas? Well, to help you out a bit, here’s a list of five female characters from Bollywood films that you can totally date. Enjoy reading.


Meera Gaity (No one Killed Jessica)



Guys, this is the kind of lady who you mustn’t mess with. A complete beauty with brains. Meera Gaity aka Rani Mukerji can figure things instantly, so no bullshitting please. Don’t be surprised if you find her well-versed with all the street lingo. Being a hardcore journalist, she is passionate, driven and intense in her relationships too. And of course, she is smarter than you are! No arguments.


Vidya Bagchi (Kahaani)



Meet Vidya Bagchi aka Vidya Balan. No one knows where she came from and what’s her motive. Is Vidya Bagchi her real name? Umm… no one knows. She is the kind of that mystery woman, that keeps you wondering. You will be mesmerized by her tranquil nature and her intelligence. Now, isn’t that attractive? But behind that calm face, there lies a wild rage. Just beware.


Akira (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)



If you want your life to be filled with adventure and spontaneity, Akira aka Anushka Sharma can be your true guide. There can be times when she will talk on random topics, albeit non-stop. You need be a really patient listener for that. She believes in living a dangerous nomadic life. Are you ready to take it? Anyway, what’s life without a little bit of adventure?


Veronica (Cocktail)



Veronica aka Deepika Padukone is a complete party animal. You will find her in all the hip and happening clubs of the town and she is usually the center of attraction. The pros of dating her? Free entry at almost all posh clubs of the town and unlimited booze. But if your idea of fun is way far from getting squished in a sweaty party crowd, stay away.


Maya (Jackpot)


Ahem… Ahem… Dating Maya or Sunny Leone is fun yet challenging. Remember to stretch when engaging in strenuous activities… like jogging or yoga (what were you thinking, dirty mind?) She is an ultimate adrenaline boost. Consider yourself a winner if you manage to woo this delightful creature. A little disclaimer here: This lovely lady has got a truckload of admirers and there might be times when you will feel the pangs of jealousy. Just take a deep breath and be calm!

Hope you enjoyed reading through the list. In case we’ve missed out your favorite, do let us know about it in the comments section. 

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