Films for Food Lovers

5 Films Every Foodie Must Watch

Some wiseguy twisted Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote and gave us an important life lesson – Live to Eat and Not Eat to Live. Over the years, there have been more than a few films made around the concept of food, and the results have been a visual treat. If you’re a food-loving gourmand in search of something scrumptious all the time, here are five films, which will leave your taste buds in a tizzy and have you salivating with every scene.

Consider yourself to be a foodie? Well, then you absolutely cannot miss these. Bon Appetit!

Chef (2014)

5 Films Every Foodie Must Watch- BookMyShowWhen Chef Carl Casper loses his job in a well-known restaurant, he takes up a mission to set up a food truck selling Cuban sandwiches. The film starring Jon Favreau in the lead, offers some mouth-watering visuals of traditional Cuban sandwiches and will leave you longing for more. 

The Trip (2011)

5 Films Every Foodie Must Watch- BookMyShowWhat happens when The Observer sends Steve Coogan to tour some of the best restaurants in the country? Well, it is a culinary journey of a lifetime. A comedy film featuring some of the world’s finest dishes, the film makes you you wish you were in it and not watching it. 

Julie & Julia (2009)

5 Films Every Foodie Must Watch- BookMyShowStarring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, the film takes us on a journey of culinary legend Julia Child and a woman who hopes to cook every dish from Child’s cookbook. With French dishes to classic desserts, the film leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling and will have you heading to your kitchen. 

Waitress (2007)

5 Films Every Foodie Must Watch- BookMyShow

A must-watch for pie lovers, the film tell us the story of Jenna Hunterson, a waitress at the Joe's Pie Diner who participates in a pie-making contest. What ensues is appealing visuals of lip-smacking pies and the noise of your stomach rumbling with hunger.

Chocolat (2000)

5 Films Every Foodie Must Watch- BookMyShowChocolate can make hearts melt and Chocolat is proof of that. The film tells the story of a woman along with her daughter who open a small chocolate shop in a village. This film with its chocolaty confections will definitely give you a sugar rush.

It’s time for you bring out the popcorn and go on a binge-eating spree. Of course, we mean binge-watching.