Holi kab hai? Kab hai holi?

Indiawaale, calm your inner Gabbar down ’cause Holi is finally here! It’s time to get out the gulaal and pichkaris, forget the calories and gorge on the jalebis and thandaai, and go absolutely crazy. Oh yes, don’t forget the bhang.

When you are high, everything is good, and every movie is life-changing. Ever tried watching Papi Gudia with a glass of bhang at your side? Actually, most Bollywood movies should be watched when you are high. They are a lot funnier when you are tripping. And for a change, they make sense.

So, here are five bhang-friendly Bollywood movies that you should watch this weekend.


It left many of us battered and bruised and assaulted our senses. But that’s when we were sober. Soak up this film with a little bit of bhang. Sajid Khan isn’t a threat to the human race after all.

MSG: Messenger of God

This is one Baba you really don’t want to hang out with. But Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s MSG will crack you up like no other ever has. This man of many talents will not only amuse you, but also give you life lessons. There’s one scene where Guruji shuts his eyes and the swords of his enemies turn into rose petals. Intense!

The Xposé

When talking about talent and intensity, how can anyone ever miss out India’s favorite Gujju boy, Himesh Reshammiya. In case you haven’t watched his film The Xposé yet, this is the perfect film for the weekend. Yo Yo is also in it. Chug your bhang!

Aunty No. 1

This is actually good. Nothing can beat a good ‘ol Govinda film. That sari, though.

Action Jackson

Ajay Devgn says, “It’s my way, or sky way”. Well, it might not make any sense now, but just give it a chance.

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