InsomniaSleeplessness. Many of us have suffered it, experiencing torrid times. And some with nyctophilia even thrive on the same. But it is no joke. Insomnia is a serious disorder. It can cause a lot of problems like daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, learning problems and of course, a depressed mood.

There are quite a few films where the main characters suffer from insomnia, making it a very interesting setting, usually dark. It forms some great perspectives for thrillers, especially of the psychological kind. Here we have five films which may not particularly help you sleep. These aren't horror films, but just thrillers instead. An honorable mention is The Cure For Insomnia (1987) which has a runtime of 5220 minutes (3 days, 15 hours). On that note, good night!

Insomnia (2002)
Duh! Some people seem to have forgotten one of director Christopher Nolan's earlier works. Starring Al PacinoRobin Williams and Hilary Swank, the film tells the story of two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating a murder in an Alaskan town.

The Machinist (2004)
The film follows a machinist (Christian Bale) whose insomnia and psychological problems lead to a serious workplace accident involving a co-worker. After he's fired, he goes into a downward spiral of paranoia and delusion. Bale lost nearly 30 kgs for the role.

Fight Club (1999)
Edward Norton
 is an insomniac and Brad Pitt is a soap maker. The film follows the… oh sorry, I can't talk about it.

Taxi Driver (1976)
Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film is about an ex Marine (Robert De Niro) who lives alone in New York City. He becomes a taxi driver to cope with his chronic insomnia, driving passengers every night around the city's boroughs.

Chasing Sleep (2000)
Starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Bergl, the film depicts the reaction of a college professor who awakens to find his wife missing.

The next time sleep is hard to come by, maybe watching these films will make you feel better when you know you aren't alone.