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5 Futuristic Movies Set in 2017

Over the years, futuristic films have come out in large numbers and flourished. These films have often taken us far out in the future where new technologies and revamped human civilizations converge. There have been countless cinematic conjectures about what the world would be like 20, 30 or 100 years in the future. Now that we are in the twentyteens, we're beginning to run up against some of those predictions.

A fair share of futuristic movies made in the past, were set in 2017, or at least, the era their makers imagined as 2017. Here are five:

The Running Man (1987)
The Runnning Man, which is set between 2017 and 2019, portrays the obsession with reality television and fame. It revolves around a TV show where convicts have to battle professional killers for freedom. A policeman, Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger), is wrongly convicted of massacre. He is eventually tricked into participating in the deadly arena to get out alive.

Cherry 2000 (1987)
Cherry 2000 takes place in a post-apocalyptic future with wastelands and limited civilized areas. An economic crisis has led to a decline in manufacturing and a focus on recycling 20th century mechanical equipment. Civilised areas exist; however, they have become increasingly bureaucratic and hypersexualised.

A hired tracker, E (Melaine Griffith), helps a man (David Andrews) find a replacement for his sex robot, Cherry 2000, after she short-circuits during sex.

Fortress (1992)
Fortress is set in a dystopian 2017 with a strict one-child policy. A second pregnancy is now punishable by imprisonment in a security prison called Fortress. A couple makes an attempt to cross the US-Canada border for their second pregnancy. However, the husband John Henry Brennick (Christopher Lambert) is caught and sentenced to 31 years in prison. He is banished to a tech-infused maximum security prison operated by the evil Men-Tel Corporation.

Barb Wire (1996)
Set in a fictionalized Second Civil War, Barb Wire is apparently a gender-switched dystopian rehashing of Casablanca. Pamela Anderson plays a club owner/bounty hunter, whose joint is located in the last free city of America. One evening, her former lover, Axel Hood (Temuera Morrison), asks for a favor to help him and his lover Cora D (Victoria Rowell) flee the country to Canada. The two wish to unveil Cora D's superior's bioweapon development plans.

Click (2006)
Michale Newman (Adam Sandler), is a family man who wishes for a remote controller through which he can control his life. His wish comes true and he has the ultimate remote that takes him straight to 2017.

When it starts acting up, he finds himself waking up in a pad which has rotating blinds and fingerprint scanners instead of light switches.

In the film, 2017, apparently, is also the years Britney Spears has her 23rd child with Kevin Federline and Michael Jackson sues his own clone. Now, we sure know how that turned out.