There have been many neo-fans of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson who are in awe of these actors after their performances in the Marvel movies. But there are many of us who have been following them since Ryan Reynolds' Sabrina days and Samuel L. Jackson's Pulp Fiction ones. For the first time we will be seeing both these actors together (we have heard them before in the 2011 movie Turbo) and it surely is an interesting combination. Both are known for their share of R-rated movies and they don't have problems with profanities on screen. It has also been a long time since we saw Samuel as a lead and it will certainly be interesting and entertaining. Three trailers have been released and apart from several gif-able moments (yes, that is a word), there are some scenes we absolutely loved and here are some of them.

When Ryan Reynolds hits Samuel L. Jackson in the face

When they reminded us why seat belts are important

When Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson go head to head

When the duo hung out with the nuns

When Salma Hayek kicked some ass

When the duo enjoyed a car ride

When Samuel L. Jackson emptied his pockets

Are you as excited for the movie as us? Tell us your favorite moments from the trailers in the comments below and don't forget to share. If you haven't seen the trailers of the above gifs yet, you can watch them below.