It’s often said that there is no such thing as overacting. We disagree. Whoever came up with that needs to watch a lot more movies. Some actors have churned out a career in the industry by chewing the scenery. An over-the-top acting performance is still accepted by the masses if the entire movie-watching experience isn't hampered. But at times, we just can't help but cringe when actors profess too much expression or none at all. We look at these few infamous acting gems that are notorious for their over-the-top acting. So here’s our top five.

Wicker Man
We all love Nicholas Cage. He is an immensely talented actor with a really good track record. Having said that, he has made a few dubious decisions and Wicker Man is one of them.

Troll 2
Darren Ewing never thought he would be shot to fame for the film but for his horrendous acting in one particular scene. Take a bow, son!

The Room
Tommy Wiseau is the man! He was the director, writer, producer, actor in the movie The Room. So how did that turn out? Look for yourself:

Batman and Robin
Uma Thurman is a talent powerhouse and notably known for her role in Kill Bill series but she too has her fair share of horrible performances.

The Happening
The movie is marred by horrible acting but Mark Wahlberg takes the cake here.

Do you think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.