Hollywood is perfect. Says who? We’ve all blamed and criticized Bollywood for its lack of originality. But did you know that there are several Hollywood films which are inspired by Bollywood. No kidding! Though Bollywood takes the cake as far as remakes are concerned, but let me tell you that Hollywood isn’t all that original. Though it’s curious how these English ​​remakes have gone unnoticed till date.  😛

B​ut​,​ who care? It surely proves the fact that Hollywood loves our concepts too. #KindaFeelin​’​Proud​ 😀

So sit back, relax and get ready to be amazed as we bring you ​5​ Hollywood films that ​were​ inspired by​ super hit​ Bollywood​ movies​:

A Wednesday​ (2008)​ – A Common Man​ (2013)​
​Remember Neeraj Pandey’s masterpiece? Director, Chandran Rutnam​​ ha​d​ to cast Ben Kingsley to match the brilliant performance of Naseeruddin Shah.
Vicky Donor​ (2012)​ – Delivery Man​ (2013)​
If you’ve seen both the films then you must​’​ve realized the obvious similarity – sperm donation! Though Ayushmann Khurrana‘s performance was praised, Vince Vaughn‘s Delivery Man however received mixed reviews. 
Rangeela (1995) – Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! (2004)
Surprised? We were too! Yes, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton is actually a rip off of Rangeela. Go watch it to believe us!
Darr (1993)​ – Fear (1996)
Yes, even Sha​h​ Rukh Khan‘s K-K-K-Kiran has a Hollywood version. No​ not​ the dialogue, but everything else was adapted by James Foley in the American thriller, Fear.
Jab We Met (2007) – Leap Year (2010)
Both films featured a hyper-active woman who sets out to meet her boyfriend. However, on her trip she meets a man and eventually falls in love with her. Though Kareena​ Kapoor​ created history with her role, Amy Adams’ performance failed to incite thrills.
​There you go, those are some of the Hollywood remakes of superhit Bollywood films.
Bollywood haters, what do you have to say for this? 😉