We all have a lot to thank Bollywood for besides entertainment. It has given us stars to admire, follow and even worship, in some worrying cases. It has given us unlimited style advice, though it hasn’t always been good. It has given us Music. Perhaps, the greatest gift of them all. Have you been to a wedding without Bollywood music? It’s NOT a fun affair. But that’s something we’ll discuss in another article. This article is about the unforgettable, uber-dramatic dialogues Bollywood has given us for all occasions. For ease of remembering, we’ve narrowed  them down to five lines that will get you out of a lot of sticky situations.


1. When you want a break (good for parents and boss).

Of course, this dialogue works best if the said authority figure has just seen an example of how dedicated you are to sanskaars (in case of parents) or work (in case of boss). But even by itself, it is an argument-winner.


2. Whenever you need to win a coin toss. 

Historically, this is the second most popular way to decide an argument. (First is, of course, war). This works best if the person you’re trying to win against is either distracted or not too bright. 


3. When you don’t want to give your girlfriend an explanation.

It can be very irritating to have someone constantly ask you questions- where you are, what you are doing, where you’re going- the list is endless. For all those occasions, try this one. It’s romantic, and hopefully, it will shut her up.



4. When your boyfriend’s being particularly dense.

Everyone knows guys aren’t great at picking up hints and subtext. But what do you say when he doesn’t understand the most obvious things? Try this. (Do remember to substitute ‘Rahul’ with your boyfriend’s name.)


5. When you want to make little of anything.

Maybe you forgot to attach the file to the mail you sent to your client. Maybe your professor overheard you abusing him. Maybe your significant other caught you smiling at someone else. Here’s a dialogue that’ll put all such situations in perspective.