Indian daily soaps are full of family drama and the very fundamental plot within that family will include a couple (in love), a mother-in-law (boss) and a VAMP! Actually, vamps are the most important feature of a serial because they are the very reason a story can be stretched to eternity. If you’re a daily soap fan then you must be familiar with the fact that leads come and go, die and resurrect, but the vamp stays forever; actually, stays young forever.

A survey for the most popular vamp on television will probably overwhelmingly reveal – KOMOLIKA from Kasautii Zindagi Kay complete with the background score and the works. Komolika began the trend of attractive and fashionable vamps on Indian TV. She set a statement that is followed till date, after almost a decade that the character went off screen.

Today, as Urvashi Dholakia (this is Komolika’s real name, just in case you were wondering) celebrates her 37th birthday, let’s look at the five essentials that if Being Komolika (read being the best vamp ever) is on your wishlist:

Loud Make-up

Komolika - BookMyShow
To be a vamp need loud make-up. You need to have smokey eyes, a bright/dark lipstick, a long bindi or vermilion that covers half your forehead (depending on your relationship status). If you’re playing the vamp then your look has to be different from the rest of the cast so that the viewer knows that you’re the one who is going to mess up all that is good in the story, regardless of your behaviour.

Unique Clothes

Urvashi Dholakia - BookMyShow
You need to find out a very distinct and new way of dressing and anything from a different kind of blouse, a certain kind of footwear to draping the saree differently would do, but it should be apparent enough for viewers to notice (and replicate). Remember you’re going to become a trendsetter. While usually vamps in the Indian daily soaps wear Indian attires, there are a few that feature modern western characters. So, you do have options to explore.

Relationship Status

Daily Soap Vamp - BookMyShow
Your relationship status has to be "want to get related with the lead in anyway possible". Unless you want to be something that you cannot be, you’ll have no reason to be a vamp. Hence, you’ll be the third person of a love triangle, the step mom who wants the money, the mother who doesn’t want her son to get married to his lady love or a mother-in-law whose son has already married his lover, and the list is endless. You get the point here, right?

Background Score

Komolika - BookMyShow
You got to have a unique and catchy background store that will announce your entrance in the frame, so you’re ready to kill it with just your patented expression. A whisper announcing your name multiple times in the background as you make your grand entrance will help too. It also helps the viewers to be ready with their notepads and cameras to note the design and jewellery you’re wearing. Needless to say, vamps are the most stylish in a daily soap.
To hear Komolika’s background score click here.


Kasautii Zindagi Key - BookMyShow
You got to have a unique aspect about you that will helps people recognize you (Komolika used to play with her hair, remember?), and sometimes copy you as well.

Well this is what we have learnt from the evergreen Komolika who looked as stunning in her last episode as in the first (FYI, the serial had like 40 years of time lapse). So, keep these in mind and you’re good for the guys at Balaji to hire you.