The transition from small screen to big screen isn’t as easy as it seems. Be it an appearance in a popular reality show or a daily soap, artist gains popularity with their small screen appearance only gradually. The difficult part is for the audience to accept an artist as a mainstream actor, once they begin working in films. And that’s clearly not an easy achievement. If we were to ask you to name one person who has achieved them both, who comes to your mind? Without a doubt, the first person would be Sivakarthikeyan. His transition from the small screen to the silver screen earned him several fans, making him one of the most bankable stars in Kollywood today. On the occasion of his birthday, we give you 5 things that prove Sivakarthikeyan‘s rise to fame:

1. When he made it to the big league with three consecutive hits namely, Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, Maan Karate and Kakki Sattai
‘People assume that success came to me overnight. What they don’t know is that the climb to stardom wasn’t easy”.
2. On accepting his weakness
”I don’t think I’m in a position where I can convincingly beat up dozens and dozens of people yet. Soon, I want to be known for being a complete package; not just for my comedy.”
3. On being a star and not an actor
”People come to my films with certain expectations. It is in that little zone that I can do my little experiments. I’m trying to become versatile in the limited commercial space that I’m now active in. I can’t already start doing the sort of roles that an actor like Kamal sir does.” 
4. On refusing to star in every film he’s offered
”When I initially began acting, I took a stand to work only on films which had a reputed director or a well-established actor on board. I couldn’t take the risk of acting in a film where I am not familiar with anybody.” 
5. On dealing with gossip/rumors
”I refrain from clarifying about things that are falsely written about me. I would clarify if there is some truth to it, but, if it’s completely baseless, then there is no use of talking about it. In the end, the fabricated news or even a lie, will fail to get attention. Only the truth matters.”
He’s also got his success mantra figured out:
”I will continue to work on my films based on the feedback I receive from my audience. My success and stardom depend on what kind of films my audience want to see me in.” 
Keep rocking, Sivakarthikeyan. We wish you the best for your future endeavours.