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5 Mind Blowing Post Credit Scenes In Non-superhero Movies

Who doesn't like a bonus? Before you raise your hand, let us clarify that it was a rhetorical question. We all love bonuses. Imagine your boss surprising you with a Diwali bonus you weren't expecting. Feels good, right? Post credit scenes are somewhat like bonuses, like the extra sukha puri at the end of your paani puri. Most of the times, these are fun throwaway gags that are irrelevant to the plot and at other times, they are mind-blowingly significant that you would actually miss out a major chunk of the story if you decide to leave the theatres early. Marvel has been setting this trend for a long time now but it’s not restricted to superhero movies alone. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of five mind-blowing post credit scenes in non-superhero movies. This goes without saying – spoiler alert!


At the very end, just when you think our two central characters meet an untimely death along with the monster, you hear a faint mysterious voice. When this audio is reversed, it is actually pretty clear that the voice is saying ‘It's still alive’.

The Grey

The much-anticipated movie, The Grey, had Liam Neeson go up against a pack of wolves as marketed in the trailer. Much to the audience's dismay, the movie had little action as the movie was about survival and death. But if you had a little more patience, you would have seen the hidden post credit scene. For a brief sequence we see Liam lying on the wolf and clearly one of them is breathing. It’s pretty cryptic but a reveal nonetheless.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes doesn't really explain the extinction of the human race. Except that it totally does. After a few names pop up in the credits, we see Hunsiker, the next-door neighbor who hates Caesar. You might remember that he is a pilot and he is infected. Now, take your guess.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

This was kinda vital to the story and we are surprised that it wasn't in the movie itself. Back in 2007, not many were aware of the post-credit sequences as we are today and after a 3-hour long movie, most of them left. The fate of the main characters, Will and Elizabeth, remained an unsolved mystery for them. So what did they miss? In the post credit scene, Will and Elizabeth reunite after ten years, presumably with Will now free of the ship.

Fast Five

The Fast And The Furious franchise has a lot of awesome end credit sequences but the one in Fast Five takes the cake. In the scene, Hobbes (Dwayne) is handed over a file that doesn't seem to pique his interest but Monica Fuentes insists that he take a closer look and guess what, it’s Letty. She is alive! It’s really good plot twist.

So the moral of the story: never leave the theatre before the movie ends, like, literally ends.