Charles Darwin was the one who gave us the answer to one of the many existential questions that we may have – How did we become what we did. Darwin's Theory of Evolution to the rescue. 

His contribution to the science of evolution has been rich, earning him a burial in Westminster Abbey. In the year 1985, a usenet group (a primitive form of communicating before the internet) came up with the Darwin Awards. Darwin Awards commemorate those individuals who have done the honor of removing themselves from the gene pool, making sure the coming generation doesn't inherit the silly gene. 

Darwin - BookMyShowIf you are scratching your head wondering what we mean, here's the answer. We mean an individual who would check whether his gun is working by looking through the barrel. It is obvious that the awards are dedicated posthumously and are taken in jest they were created in. 

The characters in the reel world are not above these awards. There have been some insanely silly deaths, which could have been avoided, had someone used their heads.

Joe Black in Meet Joe Black

We have been taught time and again to look on both the sides of the road before crossing it. Joe Black seemed to have missed the lesson as he looks but in the opposite direction of the traffic and ends up getting hit by not one but two cars.

Russel Franklin in Deep Blue Sea

If you are under attack from sharks, what is one thing you shouldn't do? Stand near the water while motivating your team to kill them. Russel's speech was cut short by a shark bite because the genius stood near the only access point the shark had.

Chad Feldheimer in Burn After Reading

It is never a good idea to startle someone wielding a weapon. What is even worse is to hide in a cupboard where you are not supposed to be in the first place and are bound to get Mr. Trigger Happy Joe even more excited. You can be shot in the head. Chad Feldheimer now knows. 

White Boy Bob – Out of Sight

If you are not a sure-footed person, it is better to take the elevators rather than the stairs; especially if you are accosting someone with a gun. Rolling down the stairs, as you accidentally shoot yourself is definitely not a good way to go. Oh, Bob!

Brint and friendsZoolander

It's fun to have pillow fights with your friends or even the friendly squabbles. One place where you must avoid having such fun is at a gas station and fuel is definitely NOT a substitute for pillows. And then someone lights a cigarette. Where's that award? Give it to him! 

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