Bollywood has always loved the idea of a central figure in a story who is to be looked up to – a hero. There are few other movie industries where the 'hero' is as revered, the role of a hero so sought after. Within the Hindi film industry, the hero has evolved over the years, in terms of physical appearance and personality characteristics.

From the time when Rajesh Khanna was allowed a little paunch to when Anil Kapoor flaunted his chest hair, the era of the athletic Khiladi to a Dabangg Salman, we have seen it all.

As much one might think otherwise, but even male actors are objectified. This year has been one that witnessed a significant change breaking the convention of having a "macho man" as the lead. Recently, Dangal starring Aamir Khan ruled the internet because of the lead actor's physical transformation. But it was a surprise that more than 80% of the movie showed Aamir Khan as an old plump man with a paunch. Dangal is just a recent example. There have been many movies that broke a stereotypical idea of a Bollywood hero. Let's take a look at five such movies:

Kapoor & Sons
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This movie was one of the most hyped ones from the first quarter of 2016. Neither of the two lead actors were made to flaunt their bodies or overtly express a macho image of themselves. Fawad Khan played a homosexual man and Sidharth Malhotra played an everyday regular guy. They looked as handsome as they are but without taking their shirts off.

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Aligarh was a hard-hitting movie based on a true story. Manoj Bajpayee played the character of a teacher who was made to leave his job and official accommodation because of his sexual orientation. What was even better about Aligarh was how even homosexuality was not stereotyped.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
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Ranbir Kapoor has always surprised us with the different kind of films he chooses to be a part of. The Karan Johar-directed movie showed a man cry, feel hurt, fall sick, feel shy, be emotionally vulnerable and do all the normal things people do, which is not something expected of a Bollywood hero, usually.

Udta Punjab
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In Udta Punjab, we were shown a different world altogether. It was a revelation of sorts for those who believed Punjab is just about the agriculture as pop culture has suggested over the years. Shahid Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh, in spite of being in Punjab didn't end up brawling with hand pumps. They tried to hide when they were outnumbered, they got caught and were beaten, they lost fights but they won millions of hearts.

Ki & Ka
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Another unconventional take on a male character, this movie showed a man who wanted to become a homemaker like his mother. While being a homemaker is typically perceived to a woman's job, this film was an attempt to prove the notion wrong showing Arjun Kapoor, the male lead in a very different light.

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