Fact: Did you know? Most people, who begin a new workout, abandon it within two-three months. 

Sad Fact: Lazy people abandon their first workout within two-three minutes. Yes, most of us want to get those six-packs, those well-toned calves or flatten that tummy without working out. Change is hard, but it isn’t impossible. All the quitters need a little motivation that’ll get you supercharged for a workout. And there is no better way to seek inspiration than taking a cue from actors who have transformed themselves for a movie. These movies will inspire you to have the perfect workout. We list 5 films, that’ll have you speed walking on the treadmill in no time.
1. Rocky (1976)
If you need to seek inspiration from a film, then Rocky tops the list. The cult-classic which inspired several movie buffs. The role that made Sylvester Stallone an overnight sensation is – Rocky. A small-time boxer, who defies all odds and prepares to defeat the heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed. The main reason this film is exemplary is because it projected the story of an underdog. This sports film showcased one of the most-impactful montages, ever seen – the scene where Rocky climbs the steps of the Philadelphia museum as part of his training regime is truly notable. Everybody remembers the terrific music that complemented Rocky’s training regime. Rocky’s physique suited the role of a boxer perfectly. The nail-biting fight, lasts for over 15 rounds with both the boxers heavily injured, resulting in one of the best fight scenes. Even though the match doesn’t work in his favor, Rocky had tried his best, and reached a distance where nobody could. 
2. American Psycho
This film is an exception on the list. It neither qualifies as a sports film nor an action film, but still creates an impact. American Psycho makes its way to this list for one reason: Christian Bale. The film revolved around a serial killer, and went on to become a Box Office hit. The film showcased the actor’s immense dedication for the role he portrayed. In order to achieve those chiseled abs, the actor had to undergo a rigorous training regime. The actor trained three hours a day, for six days a week. His workout regime included cardio and weight training exercises to enhance muscle mass and reduce his body fat. His dedication to a role is enough inspiration for one to workout. Watch out for the scene where he flexes his muscles in front of the mirror, you might turn into a gym buff after this.
3. Ghajini
If there is one actor who set a remarkable trend in Bollywood due to his eight-packs, then it’s Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. It is astonishing to know how much he trained to sculpt his body for the film Ghajini. Aamir Khan worked-out for one year non-stop to achieve this beefed-up look. The actor inspired us with his portrayal of Sanjay Singhania. He taught us to face our fears, and destroy the inner demon within us. If this film doesn’t inspire a workout for you, how else are you going to kill the black-hearted, monstrous villains? 
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one film, that should definitely be on this list. It showcases the life of a determined athlete and captures his rigorous workout regime. With patience, endurance and determination, Farhan Akhtar sweated it out for 13 months and achieved an athletic body. The actor proved that endurance is the key for a person to successfully complete a training session. The training session where Farhan Akhtar runs with a tire tied to him, will certainly inspire you to run the extra mile. 
No movie’s trailer has excited us so much, like that of Mary Kom. The primary reason for this being, the film’s story that is based on the life of a fighter. A determined lady, who crossed barriers and proved her mettle. Inspired by the real-life story of the Olympic gold medalist, Mary Kom, the film stars Priyanka Chopra in the lead role. It is said that the actor endured a grueling 45-day training schedule. This required her to become muscular without looking too bulky for the role. As an actor, Priyanka Chopra’s dedication for a role is incredible. Take a look at this awe-inspiring video song from the film, one can certainly seek inspiration from this highly motivating number. We can’t wait to see the rise of the female protagonist. The film releases on September 5, 2014.
We sign off with these words from Christian Bale, “I believe in taking care of myself. I have a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine”. Over to you now! Good luck with your workout regime. We hope these movies motivate you to get fit. Do let us know if they worked for you! 

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