There is no shortage of excellent actors in Hollywood. Granted that each has their own unique style of approaching a movie but there is no doubt that when we see a certain actor performing in a movie, we expect some great things from it. But every movie cannot be a hit and sometimes even the actor's popularity cannot save the movie's suffering because of poor execution or a poor script. Studios are not the only ones who suffer when this happens. Actors suffer too as a flop can affect their reputation and sometimes even halt their winning streak. Here are some movies that broke the lead actor's winning streak.

The Rum Diary
Actors - BookMyShowSince 2005, Johnny Depp was delivering hits with movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the sequels to the Pirates of the Caribbean. He also proved his mettle by movies like Sweeny Todd and The Tourist. The Rum Diary put a halt to this streak. The premise of the movie was excellent but the audience was just not ready to see him in an art movie yet.

Wild Wild West
Actors - BookMyShowWill Smith has always been a bankable actor and with movies like the Men in Black series, Enemy of the State and Bad Boys, he was raising the audience's expectation when they walked in to see Wild Wild West. The studio was banking on actor's popularity and chose to only work on effects rather than the script, which led to the movie ending the hit-streak in Will Smith's career.

The Box
Actors - BookMyShowCameron Diaz was doing a fantastic job with action movies like Charlie's Angels and a thriller like Vanilla Sky. When she worked on The Box, the audience did not take her dramatic role too kindly. The movie makers had worked on the build up and, as it turns out, not much on the showdown. 

Snake Eyes
Actors - BookMyShowThe Nicholas Cage memes going around the Internet might make us not take the actor very seriously but he has been known to deliver movies like Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air and City of Angels. This conspiracy-theory-ridden movie was built on a soft premise and even Cage's performance could not save the movie.

Actors - BookMyShowRiding on her success of the very popular TV show Friends, Jennifer Anniston signed a lot of movies like Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Friends with Money and Marley and Me. But it all came to an end with Management. Management was a rom-com that didn't quite agree with the audience.

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