Priyanka Chopra is finally ready to make her Hollywood debut. As Baywatch hits the theaters this week, it is a big win for all the TV series out there. They now know that even if they are canceled, a decade down the line a movie will be made on them. Baywatch is far from the first movie that was made based on a TV series. This is one of the very few movies where they have chosen a whole new cast instead of sticking to the old favorites. But honestly, we prefer it this way (the show is pretty old). If you are wondering which are the movies like Baywatch have their basis in a TV series, we have a list for you. These five movies should definitely be on your watch list next.

Sex and the City
This series was the one of the best series for girls in their 20s at that time and so was Baywatch. It was so popular that the series got two movies instead of one. The show was insanely popular and Sarah Jessica Parker owes most of her success, Carrie Bradshaw. While Baywatch relies heavily on mystery, Sex and the City is a light watch for your weekend.


Charlie's Angels
If you don't want something light but want more action, you can catch up with the Charlie's Angels over the weekend. Like Baywatch, you have some really hot chicks saving the day with their skills. This is also one of those movies which did not choose to recast the same old fellas from the series.


If anything, this movie proves that the person who decided to cancel Firefly had been fired immediately. What Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai was to us is what Firefly is to them. After this Joss Whedon was cancelled, there hasn't been a comic con where people haven't asked for it to be rebooted. The movie based on the series has also not helped sate people's hunger for more. There is no way you should miss this too. After the beaches of Florida, it is time for Space Adventures.


The Addams Family
If Baywatch proves too sunny for you, watching the Addams Family after that will be a definite balance. Based on the animated series of the same name, this movie is a delightful return of the Addams Family to the big screen much like Baywatch is to the lovers of the sun.


Get Smart
If you wish that the people in Baywatch solved the mysteries in the shadows, then you need to watch Get Smart. Based on the TV series of the same name, it will make sure you never take those secret agent gadgets you like so seriously.


These movies like Baywatch are going to make sure the effect of the movie stays with you all through the weekend. Which movie would you watch first? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.