We all, well at least most of us, know how tough a break-up can be, specially if you didn’t see it coming. Guess what we have just the thing. Follow our instructions and you might just make it. 

So put your mobile phone on airplane mode, get into a pair of comfortable pajamas, dig into a tub of double chocolate chip ice-cream and watch these movies to drive away the blues.
This movie is bound to put your break-up into perspective as you realize that Tom and Summer are both people you can relate to. Just when you thought your relationship was serious, it was over. Seasons move on to seasons, so should you!
An incredibly honest description of what relationships actually look like when you aren’t wearing rose-tinted glasses. You may not need to scour the grief columns after this movie.
This film reminds you that a relationship needs hard work and effort to go on. A simple story that tells us to think about the good things in life instead of wallowing in self-pity.
Sometimes all the love in the world cannot make someone love you back. This is the hardest part about accepting and understanding why you cannot be together. It will all make sense in the end, hang in there!
5. Sex And The City
What better way to move on than to forget about the past, have some fun with girlfriends, drink margaritas and go shopping? Just what you need to lighten up the day and mood: Sex And The City!
By Geeta Masurekar

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