Hollywood Museums

5 Museums Which Made Amazing Movie Sets

Museums are places where time is transformed into space – Orhan Pamuk

Museums are known to carry history with them. There is a story of all that has taken place over the centuries much before we were born. Museums are also country-specific as they narrate the tales of the land. Some people find them dull while some bask in the knowledge it has to offer. Some museums are themselves a work of art when it comes to their architecture and their sheer grandeur. Hollywood and Bollywood have not let this fact unnoticed and these places have all been a part of their settings in movies. You might have noticed it or it may have not registered in your memory but here are some museums, which were a part of popular Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Independence Hall – National Treasure

Located in Philadelphia, this museum is also home to the Declaration of Independence, which is the foundation of the democracy in USA. In the movie, National Treasure, the “Team Gates” successfully manages to steal this document.

Intrepid Museum – National Treasure

In the same movie is a scene where Gates is handing off the Declaration of Independence in exchange for his friends. Unfortunately, things go awry for everyone. That pier where this scene was shot is none other than the Intrepid Museum, which is a home to all the inventions and developments in space, air and sea.

Madame Tussauds London – Fan

Bollywood is also not far behind when it comes to using museums as shooting locations. Ironically, it chose a location that commemorates important personalities and celebrities. Fan is the first and the only movie, which was shot in this famous museum.

Louvre – The Da Vinci Code

Home to a lot of popular paintings and works of art including the Mona Lisa. This museum is the ideal place for all art and history lovers. The architecture of the museum is beautiful and holds a lot of symbolic significance.

Smithsonian – Night at the Museum

The concept of the museum coming alive at night is exciting, especially a one as grand as the Smithsonian. It houses the history of science, mankind and much more. The sitting sculpture of Abraham Lincoln has found itself being a part of many movies. Museum of Natural History in New York and The British Museum deserve a special mention on being a part of this exciting film series.

Museums no longer sound dull now, do they? Quickly add them to your to-go list and don’t forget to share this list with your friends.