One movie genre, which is everyone's guilty pleasure yet frowned upon in public is romance. There is something about the promise of eternal love we see on screen that moves us. There are some of these, which don't have a happy ending and yet we gobble up with fervor. If there is one author who gets it right every time is Nicholas Sparks. With movie adaptations like The Notebook and Dear John to his credit, we know we are in for tear-fest when we read or watch a Nicholas Sparks story. 
All of his books have been New York Times Bestsellers and they certainly are worth it. Nine of his books have been made into movies and there are many more that have not been adapted yet. Here are five books, which should be screened on the big screen next.

Nicholas Sparks - BookMyShowTrue Believer
A quintessential Sparks novel is set in a small town and this is no different. Jeremy, a skeptic meets the town librarian Lexie meet. Not only do sparks fly between them but also around the town. A mix of supernatural and romance, this is definitely something we would watch on screen.

At First Sight
If you are one of those people who love watching a movie series, this book is a sequel to True Believer and it picks up where the last one ended. There was going to be a 45-page epilogue at the end of True Believer but the editor wanted Nicholas to do away with it and instead make it a novel. This novel is filled with drama and has a tearjerker of an ending, which is synonymous to every Nicholas Sparks novel.

The Guardian
The redeeming quality about Nicholas Sparks' sad endings are that they usually are just not focused on romance. There is always something more. In this case, the hunt for a murderer. This thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat and yet make you all gooey-eyed at the love story.

The Wedding
The Notebook was a hit in the first week it was published and the Ryan Gosling-starring movie received a lot of love too. Nicholas wrote a sequel to the novel, which follows the story of Noah and Allie's daughter. If you loved The Notebook, The Wedding should definitely be on your wish list.

A Bend in the Road
It is always difficult to move on when you think you have discovered perfect love and it failed. There are not a lot of stories on what happens when you lose that someone you love and how you move on. This one is one of those stories that also comes with suspense making it a definite page-turner and a possible amazing movie.

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