Born on October 31, there is a reason Peter Jackson has an affinity for fantasy movies. The director of the Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit trilogy is also known for his work in movies like the 2005-released King Kong and the upcoming movie Mortal Engines. He is the reason behind the LOTR series becoming the huge hit it did and paving way for a three-part Hobbit series. Looking at his treatment of literary material while making a movie, we have lined up some fantasy series we wish would get the Peter Jackson-touch and get converted into a successful franchise.

The Inheritance Cycle
inheritance_cycle_by_manuelo108-d3cuskr-minThe series, which was born in the mind of a 17-year-old Christopher Paolini met with a very unsuccessful response on its first adaptation on the big screen. Maybe the world awaits for Peter to take it up and give us the series we deserve.

The Empire of the Moghuls
91qfpq7qyrl-minPeter has proved time and again that he has a way with and patience for huge battle sequences, which are portrayed with the finest details. He would do well with a series like Era of the Mughals. 

The Avalon Series
lglwtoz-minThe Arthurian legend through the eyes of the women written by Marion Zimmer Bradley is a fantastic series. We read the same familiar story with a different perspective that changed our opinion of the women who we thought had wronged. Any director would love to work with a book based on the Arthurian Legend.

The Bartimaeus Sequence
kkkThe series is excellently written and is full of humor and wit. It would be amazing to see the bromance between a 12-year-old magician and 5000 year old spirit. It would be a different version of Harry Potter and we all know how that turned out. 

Septimus Heap
septimusheap7bks-minAll the seven books of this fantastic series which follows the learning of an extraordinary wizard should be a must-do on this director's list of the next movies he would like to make.

We wish Peter Jackson a very happy birthday and hope he makes our wish list a reality soon.