Rakhi Sawant is a controversy in herself. She is a dancer, politician, model, supposedly an actor and a person the entire nation knows about (No chitting please. Even you know her!). She is known for her unusual statements in media and a rather different take on life.

Her love to be on camera and be in the news have taken her to places only she could go. Apart from news channels, she has also appeared in a number of films. Her Bollywood career can be taken seriously because, well, she managed to sit on the couch of Koffee With Karan way before Salman bhai did.

She has been controversy's favorite child ever since she appeared before the camera. She has made a lot of statements and has a rather funny take on all situations. Like her ban-ceiling-fans-to-reduce-suicide-cases statement or the green outfit (symbolising her party symbol, green chilli) she wore during her political campaign. They are countless.

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So, as the controversy queen turns a year older, lets have a look at five of her most infamous ones:

Cosmetic Surgery
Rakhi Sawant - BookMyShow
Rakhi Sawant is an entertainer in its very true manner. She is self-made and she accepts that the rest was taken care by the surgeons. One of her most famous statements is from Koffee With Karan, Episode 12, Season 2, when she said "Jo chizein God nahi deta, wo doctor dete hain".

NaMo Dress
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This one is the latest. Earlier this year, Rakhi decided to show her love for our respected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. She wore a dress with Namo's pictures, hands, faces on it, strategically placed. While we believe that her love would have reached to the one it was supposed to, it also reached, well, the entire world. She posted her first picture in that dress on August 9 followed by three more, and the entire nation went mad re-posting and commenting.

Mika Singh Kiss
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If Rakhi Sawant is the controversy queen, Mika Singh can easily be called the king. Back in 2006, Mika landed up in trouble after Rakhi filed a complaint against him when the singer allegedly kissed her without her permission. This news made them rule the headlines for two straight weeks. Later Mika along with the Meet Brothers also made a song about this. This is not the only kiss that brought her into the limelight. At the premiere of the movie Khamosh, Rakhi locked her lips with actress Kainaaz Parvez, in front of the camera and became the talk of the town, yet again.

Reality Show Drama
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Rakhi Sawant has been a part of two reality shows. Bigg Boss Season 1 and Nach Baliye Season 3. While staying in the Bigg Boss house changed some perceptions people have about Rakhi, Nach Baliye didn't really end on a positive note. After losing the Nach Baliye title, she filed a complaint against the channel for tampering vote counts. Obviously, if one does chitting, they must pay for it.

Leaked Video
Rakhi Sawant - BookMyShow
While the legitimacy of this video is still unanswered, Rakhi made entry to the list of celebrities with leaked MMS when a video featuring Rakhi in bathroom went viral at the end of 2k12. This fetched her huge space in print and digital media.

There were also a lot of statements that kept Rakhi in the news like her decision to become a porn star and her accepting the fact that she had a boob job done. While her statements are controversial, they are honest and straight from the heart. Also, the name of her political party was RAP (Rashtriya Aam Party). You cannot make this s*** up!

Rakhi, while wishing you a very happy birthday, we also wish that you continue to have such a happening life.

— Thumbnail Image by Utsav Patel