For many filmmakers short films are the starting point of their careers, for others it’s a form of experimenting with their film-making style. Short films often pose a challenge to the filmmaker as they have to conceptualize and offer a story within a limited time duration. The coveted Oscars acknowledges this fact and honors the best short films with the golden Oscar statuette. We bring you some highly engaging award-winning short films, that you can watch right now!

1. The Music Box (1932)

Distributed by the famous production house MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor), this short film was based on the popular duo Laurel and Hardy. This comedy film places the gag on Laurel and Hardy who attempt to push a piano that doesn’t want to stay put on a flight of stairs. Their perfectly-timed comic sequences will make you adore this funny-duo. 
2. Franz Kafka’s – It’s a Wonderful Life (1995) 

This short film tells the tale of Franz Kafka, who attempts to write his first novel but faces several distractions, which are fabrications of his imagination. Some writers seek inspiration from random things, but an insect isn’t one of them! However, the lead of this film begins to focus on his writing after he finally seeks inspiration from an insect.
 3. Six Shooter (2004)

Much before creating the black-comedy ‘Seven Psychopaths’, director Martin McDonagh made this short film titled, Six Shooter. The film depicts the story of a man mourning the death of his wife, who finds himself in the company of a couple that is mourning the loss of their child. With largely foul-mouthed dialogues, this film gives us some quirky characters placed in some humorous sequences.
4. Curfew (2013)


Filmed in the busy city of New York, the film tells the story of suicidal former drug addict who is suddenly asked to take care of his niece for an evening. The film skilfully focuses on three main complex characters without deviating from the story. 
 5. The Helium (2014)

The film beautifully explores the meaning of the afterlife from the perspective of a sick child and a man who befriends him to help minimize the child’s pain. Colorful and visually engrossing, the film touches on an emotional subject that’ll stir your soul.
What did you think about these bite-sized treats? Share your views with us.

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