They say good things come in small packages and Bollywood movies know this too well. We all know a well written cameo can change the whole dynamic of a movie despite its brief screen time. And we’ve seen an array of film stars lending their two cents to a project in the past. The latest being Hrithik Roshan. If the news is to be believed, we’ll be seeing the heartthrob in Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming multi starrer Dil Dhadakne Do. While the film boasts of an incredible star cast, Hrithik’s presence will only add to its galore. Here’s a list of quirky cameos we would like to see in Dil Dhadakne Do:

1) Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Known for his less-than-glamorous roles, Nawazuddin will be perfect in a cruise full of rich snobs. Wouldn’t it be fun seeing him eye all the mega rich people with a little hatred and mostly self pity? Someone has to bring down the net-worth of the room, after all.

2) Rakhi Sawant
Where there is a sizzling item number, there is a not-so-sizzling Rakhi Sawant. With her larger than life attitude and the ‘I’m so judging you right now’ eye-rolls, she’ll surely add on to the fun factor of the film.

3) Nana Patekar
The Krantiveer of Bollywood in a cruise full of dysfunctional people? Hell yes! Given his timing and perfect delivery of dialogues, we would definitely pay to watch this film!

4) Kamaal R. Khan
Known to cause trouble through his tweets and lewd comments, KRK is known to pass on his words of wisdom to everyone. 5 Rs. to everyone on the cruise who isn’t labelled a 2 Rs. person by the flamboyant self acclaimed ‘critic’.

5) Entertainment
The Mehras’ pet Pluto is stealing everyone’s thunder (He is voiced over by Aamir Khan. How cool is that!). With one pet cooking up a storm, wonder what two of them would do! Entertainment and Pluto would make the perfect pet pair and partners in crime and something to look out for.

With an expanding star cast, we wonder if Zoya Akhtar has any more surprises up her sleeves. Dil Dhadakne Do is set to hit theatres on June 5, 2015. Book your tickets here.
By Ekta Shetty