The only time celebrities appear on TV shows is to judge an event, to give an interview, or to promote their latest gig. Most of the time, these shows are scripted that you barely get to see the candid side of your favorite celebrity. Honestly, is that all you want? Do you crave shows in which you could see celebrities in a new light? Shows, that don't just get us up, close, and personal with them, but also make us see their fun and goofy side, or witness how they react when put in a pressure test, without making any of it look fake or scripted. No, we are not talking about Big Boss or Khatron Ke Khiladi. We are talking about potential reality shows for celebrities that will not just entertain us, but will also give us a reason to watch TV again!

Celebrity Master Chef
You have seen adults and kids sweat it out in the kitchen to cook some absolutely divine dishes, now, we want celebrities to do just that. Hot celebrities and yummy food, together in one show, is the recipe for a total hit!
Celebrity Quiz Contest
How about hosting a quiz contest for celebrities which is along the lines of Pyramid, Bamboozled, or The Big Fat Quiz of the Year? Let’s give Karan Johar’s ‘Rapid Fire’ some hardcore competition!
Life Swap with Celebrities
Most of us are not born with a silver spoon in our mouths. But by swapping lives with celebrities, we get a chance to live a luxurious life for a while. On the other hand, celebrities get a chance to talk, walk, and be like the aam aadmi.
You Have Been Punk’d!
Pranks are always fun, but the best part about them are the reactions! They are truly priceless. Through this show, celebrities can pull pranks on their co-stars or friends and witness their reactions through a hidden camera. Let’s hope it turns into a prank war!
Celebrity Improv Show
Whoever said comedy is easy, is so wrong! Through an improv show, we would get to see celebs think on their toes (literally, at times), and come up with improv skits to impress the audience.
So, which show would you actually like to watch? And which celebrities should be featured in them? Comment below to let us know, and don’t forget to share!