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5 Reasons to Look Out for Alien: Covenant Trailer!

The most infamous yet famous Alien movie franchise is back again and how this time. 'Alien: Covenant' is a sequel of sorts to 2012’s ‘Prometheus’ which wasn’t that big when it released but was just enough to set the plot to this amazing upcoming hollywood movie. If you look back at how we all felt when we learned that Director Ridley Scott is returning back to this worldwide hit Alien series with Prometheus, you will remember that we all rejoiced. It was a treat for the fans of this pop culture of sci-fi movies, with dark aliens, which presently depends on good aliens like Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor and more.

This is the sixth movie of the Alien series and the third Scott Ridley helmed movie in the popular franchise. If you’re deep into sci-fi action and extra-terrestrial movies, watch out for these 5 reasons why you shouldn't miss out on this latest hollywood movie-

Stellar Cast-
Michael Fassbender reprises his role of an android, although of a newer
mode with Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce back in their old roles from ‘Prometheus'. They are joined by newcomers Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Demian Bichir, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride. You can also expect the scary Xenomorphs as a part of the cast as they will be there for some major parts of it.

No better Monsters than Xenomorphs- 
The Alien movie 
franchise, started back in 1979, introduced us all to a monster much more distinguished than any other in the hollywood lore. For years, various horror movies tried to replicate the same being from the movie but couldn’t. We had a glimpse of this being in Prometheus and with CGI, Chroma techniques and trickery now at Scott’s disposal, it will be hell scary to watch him do practically anything.

In space no one can hear-
The trailer offers a sneaky and at the same time a spooky glimpse at the coming horrors in the movie. The makers have turned the damn planet into a total quiet zone. And we all know sometimes the best horror comes with the absence of sound. The original film'stag line boasted, “In
Space No One Can Hear You Scream“ and we feel it’s simply one of the greatest marketing hooks in modern times.

The social experiment-
The film is centered on a colonization mission to a remote planet which almost looks like a paradise. The major crew of the Covenant comprises of couples assigned 
with the mission of populating the suspiciously lifeless new world. In this ordeal of finding a new life, they go through a series of tests which costs them their own lives.

For Director Ridley Scott-
This Director has been making movies ofAlien franchise since 1979 and is very well versed with the mindset of the audiences. He has also directed Blade Runner in 1982, Gladiator in 2000, Hannibal in 2001, Prometheus in 2012 and The Martian in 2015. With Michael Fassbender and the best of CGI in his hands, he can definitely turn the movie into one of the
most scary alien films of all time. It looks dark already with sublime hints of horror and sci-fi action.