As soon as Salman Khan was named the goodwill ambassador of the Indian Contingent for the upcoming Olympics Games in Rio De Janerio, social media users and athletes have been overwhelmingly reacting on the same. While some think that he is the perfect choice, some have an opposite opinion.
Some have been questioning a Bollywood star's relevance as an ambassador in a sports event as big as Olympics and some have been appreciating the choice of such a big star because of the obvious reasons. Now that the choice has been made, count the rings in the Olympics logo and read five reasons as to why he is the perfect choice as the brand ambassador:

1. His Fan Following

He has the largest fan following in India and is a very well known celebrity worldwide (look at the collection of Bajrangi Bhaijaan worldwide). Need to promote the game anymore?


2. His Good Work

He is known for his good work and for Being Human, in spite of all the controversies surrounding. Positivity leads to success, right?


3. His Connections

His presence will get a lot more people to connect to Olympics. There will be more views on all possible platforms (resulting in rising TRPs). Can you look at all the monetary/funding problems flying far, far away?


4. His take on sports

He has positive views on sports. Even his next film is about a sport that is fighting its way out of extinction. (for all those who think this has been done so that he can promote his film, well he can make a film blockbuster just by producing it). Sometimes taking the different path works well, right?

5. The reaction till now

If one analyzes media activities of the past day they will realise, never before in the history has Olympics been discussed more than it has been in the last 24 hours. Need we say more?

Everyone has their own opinion and we cannot stop anybody (there are laws about the right to speak and express, which may or may not be abused). But from all those who think Bhai is the right choice, we wish him a very good luck! 

Three cheers for Salman Khan!