Every family has its quirks, but if the Kapoor & Sons trailer is any indication, the Kapoor family might just be the craziest of them all!

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated film gives us a glimpse into the dysfunctional Kapoor family. It takes us on a roller-coaster ride that we can all relate to. Just like us, the Kapoors laugh, cry and go through everything in between. But things like old age, lost love and betrayal take their toll, threatening to tear the family apart. Will their love remain intact? We’ll find out soon!

Until then, here are 5 reasons why the Kapoor & Sons trailer is a HIT:

1. In under three minutes, the trailer made us laugh, tear up and more. It looks like this might be one of the few films that actually lives up to the label "dramedy".

2. Unsurprisingly, Alia Bhatt‘s chemistry with Sidharth Malhotra is off-the-charts. However, her scenes with Fawad Khan look promising as well. We don’t know if we’re #TeamSidharth or #TeamFawad yet, but we’re looking forward to finding out!

3. If there’s one thing Sidharth Malhotra is good at, it’s playing an onscreen brother. His scenes with Akshay Kumar in Brothers were spectacular, and it looks like his rapport with Fawad Khan is going to be a highlight of Kapoor & Sons.

4. Two words: Rishi Kapoor. It seems like the actor is going to be an absolute delight in the film, and undoubtedly our favorite (fictional) Kapoor.

5. Most films showcase the happy, lovey-dovey side of family life. But everyone knows that things aren’t always smooth-sailing in real-life families. We love how the Kapoor & Sons trailer shows us a real family, without making the family too dysfunctional.

After this amazing trailer, the only thing on our minds is, "How many days to March 18?"