While watching movies, we get so involved in them that we forget the most important thing about them – movies are a beautiful work of “fiction”. Every single detail in movies is either excessively glamorized or intentionally made to look a certain way so that you easily get attracted to it just because it’s different. And then when you try to imitate what you saw on screen in the real life, you realize that things are completely different from what they show you on the screen. Precisely why there’s always a disclaimer at the beginning of the film to remind you that it’s a piece of fiction and any resemblance to real life a just a mere coincidence.

Don’t blame yourself for falling for this. Since childhood, we have been exposed to the magical world of Bollywood, which is filled with loads of glamor, action, (melo)drama, and soppy romance. This has somewhat conditioned us to fall for anything that has a slight resemblance to what we see in movies. That feeling – to be able to relate to something that is so grand – is thrilling, but in reality, will that really work for you? Life is uncertain and the impact that it will have because of the people around you is sort of unpredictable. So why rely on movies (scripted myths) for answers about your life? Why let movies define love? When we know it’s not the same in reality.

So to burst your bubble, we give you five reasons why you should never take love advice from Bollywood movies. These reasons will explain to you why you need to give yourself some time to understand and figure out things such as love by yourself rather than letting movies dominate your mind.

Fall in love only once: False
“We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky 
Love is not an event that only takes place once in your life. It’s a feeling. Give it time to brew! Today you might be heartbroken but tomorrow, things could change and you could find love in the most unexpected places.

A makeover is the answer to love: False
In movies, a girl magically transforms herself from being the duff to hot stuff the moment she loses her geeky classes or starts wearing super trendy clothes, only to impress a guy. Do you really want your love to be base on something that’s so shallow? If getting a make-over makes your feel confident then do it, don’t do it to impress the boy or the girl you have a crush on!
Traveling the world or going on road trips will do the trick: False
When all is going wrong, you need a break, a break from life to find yourself. Many of us also use this excuse to go looking out for love, all thanks to Bollywood movies and their new-age romantic gestures and ideologies. In reality, the more you try to find love, the more disappointing it gets. Sometimes, it’s essential to let it be, and let it happen when it happens. So next time when you plan a road trip with your friends, do it because you want to explore a beautiful place, (be a blank book) not because you are looking for a romantic fling at a foreign location.
Being a stalker is not romantic: True
If you were exposed to all the cheesy music videos of the 90s where the underlying meaning was “hassi toh phassi”, you have unknowingly developed a “creep” gene. So, if you have done any of the ensuing things, you kind of have that gene. Things such as stalking your crush on social media, making sure you liked or reacted to what your crush posted, pinging your crush constantly or trying to have small talks even if they have ignored all the messages, or pestering your crush’s friends to get “info” about your crush. Nobody likes that! Such things don’t make you attractive, they just make you look desperate. So think twice before you make your next move.
Marriage is not always the answer: True
Happily ever after – do you feel that without getting married you cannot live happily ever after with your loved one? Is marriage the answer to everything? Then why do we always hope that the hero ends up marrying the heroine? Why can’t they just end up together and continue living? (probably won’t look appealing on screen). Well, in reality, life doesn’t end after marriage. It ventures into a new phase that has more responsibilities. So, don’t marry someone because there’s nothing else to do, or it’s an easy answer for unplanned pregnancy, or because what will society say if you don’t? Get married because you are sure about your partner and are willing to take on the responsibilities that come with it. It’s tough, but it’s worth it if you are with the right person. Forget what you saw in movies, it’s you who gets to decide how your love begins and ends. And it doesn’t have to end with a marriage!