Let’s face it – Pixels is every gamer’s childhood fantasy come true. When NASA sends video feeds of popular video games from the good, old days of 8-bit gaming into space, some aliens intercept the feeds and interpret them as declarations of war. These aliens have come to take over the Earth, and much to everyone’s horror, they’ve taken the form of our favourite video game characters. Since the navy fails at containing these threats, they call in former video game champions to take them out and save the world! Pixels has a lot to offer and will definitely be a helluva ride! Here’s why you should go book your tickets NOW (if you’ve been on the fence so far).

It has a life-sized Pac Man.

Who doesn’t know who Pac Man is! The dot-gobbling game character, who gave us countless hours of glee on those arcade machines, is now a bad guy. Pac Man is in Pixels, and he’s pretty big and nasty. Also, he can eat through most things. Take a look:

It has Kevin James and Adam Sandler.

We love it when Kevin James and Adam Sandler collaborate on screen! Remember Grown Ups? They always manage to bring the house down with their crazy antics, and in this film, they play childhood buddies, who fight together to save the world.

It has Peter Dinklage.

More famous as Tyrion Lannister than as Peter Dinklage, Peter is one of our generation’s most gifted actors. He will be seen in Pixels, playing Eddie Plant, or the Fire Blaster. He is a master of video gaming, rocks rad shades and a slightly creepy mullet, and is the king of trash talk!

It has Donkey Kong!

This angry ape is in Pixels too! And he’s certainly a little more than just angry, he’s hurling barrels around, just like he did in the original Donkey Kong video game. Enough to have you rolling down Nostalgia Lane!

It has Mini Coopers as the Ghosts.

Remember the cute antagonists from Pac Man? Well, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are back! Except they’re cars this time, and not just any cars- they’re Mini Coopers! Take a look:

So, there you have it. Five reasons to watch Pixels when it takes over Indian screens this Friday!