Movies, celebrities and all the glamour that surrounds it, if this is what interests you, there’s a possibility you’re a Bollywood fan-boy. When everything revolves around the film industry and its happenings determine the level of your happiness. You keep a check on every celeb like your life depends on it and it’s Christmas for you every Friday.  If these are the things you do, then congratulations! You’re a Bollywood fan-boy. These are 5 signs that prove our point. 
1.Your status updates are cheesy lyrics from Bollywood songs.
Every song that comes out, you find one line that you can relate to. And then, that line goes up as your status. 
2.You follow the latest Bollywood trends.
From Salman’s bracelet to Aamir’s crazy hair experiments, you will try your level best to look like your idols even if you look stupid while doing it!
3.You quote random dialogues.
You have a dialogue ready for every situation and you just don’t say it, you say it with some swagger.
4.A movie set is your dream destination.
You want to be there when the magic happens, with the actors and the cameras, and the 3 words “ Lights, camera, action” sum up life for you!
5.BookMyShow is the most used app on your phone.
You just can’t wait to book your tickets for the latest movie. This app is like your best friend who does the work fast and easy.