5 Similar Opening and Closing Movie Sequences

Movies are not meant to be watched only once. Viewers who love finding hidden details are a bonus for directors who go that extra mile to make the movie more interesting for multiple viewings. There is a lot of foreshadowing involved especially when it comes to the opening sequence. An epic opening sequence's worth is only understood after you watch the movie. Like the prologue of a book makes more sense after you have finished it. Some filmmakers end up using the same shot for opening and closing sequence but the meaning of it changes drastically because of the events of the movie. Here are some similar opening and closing sequences of the movie which will make you want to watch those movies again.

Movie Sequences - BookMyShowThe opening sequence of the movie is a dream sequence which then moves to the character opening his eyes whereas the closing sequence is about the character opening his eyes to his new life, and the credits roll. If you noticed, the credits roll over the same scene which was used earlier for the dream sequence.

12 Monkeys
Movie Sequences - BookMyShowThe movie begins again with a dream in which the main character's younger self sees someone getting gunned down on an airport. The character is then sent back in time to stop the spread of a virus which brought about the end of the world as people knew it. The closing sequence shows us the character getting gunned down at the airport which is exactly the same as the opening sequence but from a different perspective.

Cast Away
Movie Sequences - BookMyShowAlthough the movie is about a man stranded on an island, it starts in the heart of Texas where a parcel is in the process of being delivered. If you see the closing sequence carefully, the road is the same as the one in the beginning showing that the film ends where it started.

Gone Girl
Movie Sequences - BookMyShowThis one is not a surprise as people had noticed it the first time. Some believe that its the exact sequence and the movie was shot in flashback but if you look closely the length of Rosamund Pike's hair has changed. This being the only difference between the two sequences along with the audience's opinion of the woman.

Cape Fear
Movie Sequences - BookMyShowThis psycho-thriller opens with a red filter over Danielle's eyes denoting that it is going to be a violent story. As the movie ends, the same shot is repeated again to make the audiences rethink whether it really was a happy ending.

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