5 Small Screen Actors who tanked on the Big Screen

The Entourage film is going to be releasing soon. Now, for the uninitiated, Entourage is a TV show, produced by HBO, about the lives of 4 dudes and their frat-boyish fun. The guys will soon be seen in a full length feature film, which is hotly awaited all over the world. However, the thing with TV stars is, they don’t always do well on celluloid. There’s a couple of exceptions, of course, with people like Michelle Monaghan, who was brilliant in True Detective and was, as always, amazing in the films she chose, and a few more. Here’s hoping that the stars of Entourage don’t have the same fate as the numerous actors before them. Take a look at some stars who made it big on the small screen, but didn’t quite make it to the big screen. 

David Schwimmer – Friends
We will always love Ross, or David Schwimmer. He will be immortal, and will always be the smart, goofy and lovable idiot for all of us. However, very few people know that he was in extremely forgettable roles in train wrecks called John Carter, The Pallbearer and Big Nothing.
Kaley Cuoco – The Big Bang Theory
Who doesn’t know Penny!? Seriously, if you don’t, you’ve been living under a rock. The Big Bang Theory starlet has had a more than successful run on the telly, but her film career didn’t quite make a bang. Remember The Wedding Ringer? Regrettably, we do too. 
Ashton Kutcher – That 70s Show
Jobs. Just Married. Spread. Dude, Where’s My Car? Enough said, I guess. 
Aaron Paul – Breaking Bad
Now this one caused us so much pain. Because we loved Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. And then we saw Aaron in Need for Speed. And that is how you break a million hearts, all over the world. 
Larry David – Seinfeld
One of the most iconic shows of the 90s, Seinfeld, along with Cheers, is the perfect sitcom. Larry David was the genius behind Seinfeld, and years later, came up with Curb Your Enthusiasm. Now when we heard he was in a Woody Allen movie, we squealed a little. After watching him, we were considerably saddened. 
So there you have it, TV stars who didn’t quite make it big in the film world. Here’s to Entourage, and hopefully, they won’t make it to this list!